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Vetus Louvred Air Suction Vent SSVL70
Manufacturer: Vetus B.V
€274.55 incl. VAT

Vetus Louvred Air Suction Vent SSVL70
Vetus Louvred Air Suction Vent SSVL70

Manufacturer: Vetus B.V

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High gloss stainless steel (AISI 316) frame and grills. Suitable for engines up to 70Hp.

A marine diesel engine needs sufficient air in order to function correctly. The volume of combustion air required is approximately 6.1m³ per kW (4.5 m³ per hp) per hour, based on a maximum air velocity of 3m/sec.

In addition to combustion air, the engine also requires sufficient ventilation air to dissipate the radiated heat. The volume of ventilation air required is about the same as the combustion air needed.

For example: A boat with an engine of 60 hp will require for the combustion and ventilation air, 2 louvred air suction vents type 60 (1 x Starboard + 1 x Port) or 4 type 30 vents (2 x Starboard + 2 x Port).

Technical Data
  A: 590 mm
  B = Cutout: 570 mm
  C: 159 mm
  D = Cutout: 139 mm
  E = Cutout Radius: 69.5 mm
  Free Flow Area: 2.83 dm²
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