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Vetus Battery Charger BC24503A
Manufacturer: Vetus B.V
€1,335.18 incl. VAT

Vetus Battery Charger BC24503A

Manufacturer: Vetus B.V

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They are suitable for connection to 120 or 230 Volts AC mains supply.
•Even at very low voltage, these chargers are fully operational: 80 Volts (instead of the usual 120 V) or 180 Volts (instead of the normal 230 V).
•All VETUS battery chargers – with the exception of the smallest model BC12202A – feature three outputs, allowing simultaneous charging of up to three banks of batteries (model BC12202A has 2 outputs).
•VETUS battery chargers are three-phase chargers: normal, boost and float.
•The charging characteristic can be adjusted for wet, gel filled, semi-traction or AGM (absorbed glass mat) batteries.
•Protection is built in for: Output terminal short-circuit, high or low input voltage, excessively high battery voltage and charger temperature.
•Polarity reversal is indicated by a warning LED and alarm buzzer.
•These VETUS battery chargers are high quality, thus ensuring the longest possible battery life span.
•They may stay switched on permanently, even over the winter.
•All VETUS battery chargers have the optimum “IUoU” charging characteristic, with a “float phase”. With this characteristic, the charger reduces the output boost current when the so called “gas voltage” is reached. In the final charging phase, it reduces the charging current even further until the float voltage is reached, thus preventing the battery from gassing and consuming water.
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