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Raymarine SL755RC Monochrome LCD TM w/GPS
Manufacturer: Raymarine
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Raymarine SL755RC Monochrome LCD TM w/GPS

Manufacturer: Raymarine

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The SL755 Plus Raychart combines state of the art echo sounder performance with legendary easy-to-use Raychart electronic charting and Satellite Differential GPS accuracy.

Built-in Raychart
Raychart brings performance fishfinding and state-of-the-art electronic charting together in one easy-to use package. Access full screen chart or convenient split screen fishfinder/chart and navigation displays. Mark your favorite fishing spots at the touch of a button and Raychart intelligently saves current depth and seawater temperature at that location. The SL755RC supports C-MAP's NT and NT+ cartography and is equipped with dual C-MAP C-Card reader.

Satellite Differential GPS
Packaged with the Raystar 120 SDGPS (Satellite Differential GPS) antenna/sensor, the SL755 is the ultimate tool for finding your way back to your favorite fishing spot.

Echo Sounder Featues:

Dual Frequency 200/50kHz: Powerful dual frequency delivers optimum performance in both shallow and deep water. Choose auto frequency or take control and manually select either 200kHz or 50kHz. Display either frequency in easy-to-read full screen mode or view both frequencies simultaneously in split-screen mode.

A-scope and bottom coverage: See fish echoes and bottom returns in real time! A-scope technology provides an instantaneous display of echoes directly in the path of the transducer's acoustic beam. Our patented bottom coverage feature conveniently displays the diameter of the seabed found at the end of the transducer cone.

Bottom lock: Bottom lock delivers even greater magnification of fish echo returns directly above the seabed, helping you differentiate structure from actual fish. This feature has the unique ability to smooth out the seabed presentation, and is extremely useful when looking for fish that live close to the seabed.

Zoom Display: Auto or manual zoom magnification of any part of the 200 or 50 kHz fishfinder screen image, (X 2, X4 or X6 magnification).

Menu driven operation: Easy to use with pop-up windows and clear screen instructions.

Full Screen or Split screen display: All fishfinder display functions can be shown in full page screen mode, or split horizontally or vertically with other functions, such as chartplotter, waypoint 3D steering indicator, large character depth/temp/speed digit readout, etc.

White Line: The White line feature helps distinguish between fish and the bottom, when fish are swimming close to the bottom.

Depth Temperature Graph: Plots depth and temperature changes over time.

Waterproof (U.S.C.G. CFR-46 Standard): Withstands 65 gallons (US) of water per minute sprayed through a 1" nozzle from 3.048m (10') for at least 5 min

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