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Polyform CC2 Bar Buoy Red, D=40cm
Manufacturer: Polyform A.S
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Polyform CC2 Bar Buoy Red, D=40cm

Manufacturer: Polyform A.S

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  • Flexible central tube with multi-rib reinforcements at both tube openings for added strength
  • Applications of CC buoy include commercial fishing, aquaculture, offshore oil research, and recreational boating

CC SERIES MOORING SYSTEM When using the CC series as a mooring ball, please follow these simple instructions to achieve the maximum use and durability of this product: 1) The CC series has a flexible center tube. If you use a chain, you must first insert a rigid PVC pipe. (See chart) DO NOT inflate the buoy until you have inserted the pipe. 2) Lubricate with oil both the tube and the pipe prior to inserting. Make the length of the pipe so that you have 3 inches extending beyond the top and bottom of the buoy. 3) Run a suitable size pin for your load through the top of the pipe and attach the shackle to the chain at the bottom of the buoy.

Eye diameter
CC2  29 / 17,5    430      385          48    2.6

*Gross buoyancy / Recommended maximum Load

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