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Manufacturer: JRC
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Manufacturer: JRC

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The Navtex receiver automatically receives and prints out Navtex service broadcasts supplied in English. Its function receives and prints out various types of information broadcast at a frequency of 518 kHz, such as navigational warning, meteorological warning, search and rescue information, etc. This equipment also provides a method of programming so that you can select the type of information to be received and from which coast station to receive it.

Reduced consumption of printer paper
Since the equipment has capability of storing up to 128 message identification codes in memory for up to 72 hrs, duplicate printing of message is avoided.

* Permanent storage of data
Settings once the types of messages to be received and their coast stations have been set, these setting are automatically stored into the internal memory (EEPROM) of the equipment. The data, therefore, does not require resetting, even after power has been turned off.

* High reliability based on digital demodulation
JRC’s unique digital demodulation circuit ensures high reliability.

* Dual voltage supply input
The equipment can be used on either 24-VDC vessels or those with 12-VDC.

* Self-diagnostics
The equipment contains self diagnostic tools, making it easy to service.

* Connection to external equipment
The equipment can be used in conjunction with Integrated Radio Communications System (IRCS) for vessels and the Total Navigator (ECDIS).

Receiving frequency: 518 kHz
Receiving mode: F1B NAVTEX broadcast
Sensitivity (50-ohms input): CER better than 1×10-2 at 1μV input to 50-ohms antenna
Frequency stability: ±15 Hz
Antenna input: 50-ohms for active/wide-band antenna, and high impedance for wire antenna


Signalling mode: NAVTEX decoding in accordance with ITU-R Rec. 476-5, 625-3 B-mode and 540-2


Type: Thermal
Characters/line: 35/40(7×6 / 7×5 dot matrix)
Paper roll: 80 mm-wide×40 m-long, thermal printing paper, 60 mm/max in O.D. and 12 mm/min in I.D.
Paper out: Audible alarm and blinking of LED


Power ON/OFF; Alarm OFF; Paper feed; Dimmer; TEST (self-diagnostic); Setting of coast stations and Message type; Programmed Status Print-out;


Urgent message; Paper-out


Power supply: 12 to 24 V DC (10.8V/min, 35V/max)
100 to 120 V AC or 200 to 240 V AC or 24 V DC with power supply unit (NBG-122 option)
100 to 240 V AC with power supply unit (NBG-4534A option)
Power consumption: 5 W (standby at 24 V DC); 7 W (printer operating at 24 V DC with peak current of 0.6 A)

Ambient temperature:
-15 to 55℃ (operational) -25 to 70℃ (storage) Ambient humidity: Up to 95% at 40℃

Wall-mounted, desk-top or overhead

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